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Be supported by the Beany Bunch Coffee Collective to kickstart

Your Dream Coffee Service

Experience the prosperity of crafting a business that brings joy into the world.

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Setup Your Dream Coffee Service

Beany Bunch Coffee Consultancy Package

What You'll Learn

Sidestep common coffee hurdles new café owners face, and be guided through the decisions and challenges of setting up your own coffee station - so you can focus your attention on building your business.

Gain valuable coffee insight for building your station such as choosing the ideal machine, equipment, related gear and suppliers, your ideal coffee menu as well as designing the perfect workstation and more.

You and your staff will receive the three fundamental barista training courses - that have helped over 1,100 people around the world to brew delicious coffee, love their jobs, and build a strong recurring customer base.

Gain access to the Beany Bunch coffee bible, to help you and your team stay on track to serving the best coffee you possibly can, consistently!

The Courses


Create Your Vision

The world needs that special touch that only you can share

Your personal invitation to work with us


Through an international career in coffee that has spanned over 15 years, focusing on Barista and Coffee Education, Shan Lawn has empowered over a thousand people by offering exceptional coffee education - helping make the world a better place, one cup at a time. 

Nick Gillott is a coffee-obsessed teacher and barista, based in Lagos, Portugal. Inspired by the sensory experience of coffee, Nick's primary objective is to spread the joys of specialty coffee as far as possible.

"With a lot of passion and  love for spreading joy, working with and teaching the art of coffee has been one of the greatest privileges of my life." 

With more than 13 combined years working behind the bar in exceptional cafés across New Zealand, Australia and Portugal, and Shan helping setup beautiful coffee initiatives and cafe´s across Australia, Cambodia, Germany and Portugal for 8 years more, you can rest assured knowing you will be taken care of to find the best solutions that exist for you and your vision.

With Love,

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Our Clients Say

"Starting a new business is an incredible journey full of so many little details as well as skills to learn and be aware of!
Since the beginning of our business journey we knew we needed someone really professional to help us out setting up and making the best coffee we could do!
Having Shan from the Beany Bunch team helping us out was going from 0 to 10 in one of the most incredible short periods of learning! For that we are deeply Grateful, it was one of the best investments we have ever made to grow our small but important business ❤️
Thank you so much to both of you👏👏"
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