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About The Beany Bunch

Nick Gillott is a coffee-obsessed teacher and barista, based in the Algarve currently consulting for various projects such as Koyo Coffee Roasters. After visiting a prestigious coffee school in Hamburg and being disappointed by the lack of hands-on training for baristas, he decided to start running his own courses in Lagos, offering a fun and hands-on learning experience for all levels for the last three and a bit years.

Inspired by the sensory experience of coffee, Nick's primary objective is to spread the joys of specialty coffee as far as possible.

Shannon Lawn has worked across many areas of the Specialty Coffee industry over the past 15 years, predominantly as a barista, trainer and consultant.

She has worked as a barista trainer for Five Senses Coffee in Perth, training hundreds students of all levels into upping their home or professional barista skills to the highest Australian specialty coffee standards.

She managed a team of barista-trainers for Kofi Cambodia, training staff and creating the curriculum for training their thousands of clients across the country, organizing educational trips to coffee farms, maintaining quality control and much more.

She has worked for over 7 years as a barista for renowned coffee shops such as Chez Dre in Melbourne and many more, with a focus on perfect espresso extraction and 'zen' coffee workflow systems of the highest quality at very high client turnover.

Specializing in uncompromising coffee quality at very high volume, Shan continues to provide support and training for delivering the greatest coffee experience possible to her customers and creating inspiring coffee culture where baristas LOVE their roles and their lives, but this time on behalf of her and Nick's own coffee endeavor - The Beany Bunch!


The mission continues!


Our Story

Nick and Shan first met in Lagos, each with their own individual coffee-education goals; making for some interesting coffee banter. They quickly joined forces to create the Beany Bunch, an educational coffee space to make the world a better place, focused on bringing delicious coffee to as many people as possible.

"We are obsessed with making really good coffee and know how much more beautiful a day can be when we slow down and take the time to experience the wonderful things life has to offer." -Nick

A great cup of coffee is definitely that.

With a mission to educate and inspire people from all around the world, starting in our dear sweet home-spot of the Algarve, we continue to study, experiment and share all we have learned so far.

Meet The Team

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