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The Algarve Coffee Festival 

Experience a tasting of rare coffees and learn the 4 simple steps to pouring latte art like a barista!

Catch a glimpse into the alchemy of coffee roasting and connect with the fascinating work done at origin!

Open your mind to a deeper sensory experience, get creative with our coffee art workshop and more!


Contact us below to reserve your spots and to find out more information!

Festival Timeline

With free Entry for the Public and a small charge for workshops, we ask for donations to help support the festival's growth!

Saturday 9th September

12h - Festival Kickoff: Stalls running all day, Opening Ceremony, Welcomes

13h - Workshop: Beany Bunch - How to Taste Coffee Like a Pro - €15 spots limited

14h - Chill Zone: Using Coffee Grounds to make Art with Tuly - free

14h - Flash Tattoos: Finally get your cool coffee tattoo with Jerome. nice

15h - Cupping: Rare and Exquisite Coffees from Panama´s 90+ Estates - by KŌYŌ - €25 spots limited

15h - Tasting: Natural Wines with Antonio from Rolhas Vinhos - free

16h - Workshop: Brew Delicious Filter Coffee with Hugo Ferraz  (ABCoffee, Tasteology, Porto Coffee Week) - €10 spots limited

17h - Discussion panel: Sustainability in Coffee with Yair from Cima Cafés- Hosted by Amsterdani - free

18h - Workshop: Learn the basics of Latte Art with Nick Gillott - €15 limited spots

20h - Competition: Latte Art Smackdown by KŌYŌ - €5 signup spots limited

Late - Party!

Sunday 10th September

12h - Workshop: Cheapest Quality Brew POSSIBLE with Hugo Ferraz - €10 spots limited

13h - Demo: Watch Gyula from KŌYŌ Specialty Coffees Turn Green Coffee, Brown - Insights and a tasting into the art of coffee roasting - Free

14h - Workshop: Learn how to Aeropress with Portugal's National Champion - Violetta (AT COFFEE AND WAVES CAFE!) - Free

15h - Discussion Panel/Demo: How to Save Money Brewing Coffee at Home - With Amsterdani and Rui from Sage  - Free

16h - Tasting /Talk: The Mushroom Movement - Benefits of medicinal mushrooms by Dr Rakowski - Free

17h - Talk: Barista life - A talk by Coffee Obsessed Humans with Lisa and Olly - Free

18.30h - Competition:  Aeropress Algarve Championship - Watch Local Baristas Battle It Out for the Regional Title - €5 signups limited spots

20h - Pack-Down

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